Monday, 17 January 2011

Small Stones, Queensland and the Solar System

It is a dull and dreary day.
My daughter laughs.
The clouds are beautiful.

January trees 
Dance the wind
To exhaustion

I stand, arms wide,
The sacred majesty
Of nature.
A labrador
Takes my legs from under me.

If one's husband
Puts his fork
In his hair
Whilst sneezing,
Is it wrong
To laugh?

Today I am full to bursting with love and, of course, that is reflected everywhere I look around the net. I have two links for you which will hopefully make you smile, although for different reasons.

The first is 100 Stories for Queensland. It does what it says on the tin. No-one's getting paid and the submission date is soon, but it's an inspiring example of heartfulness from our global village community and everyone (including you) is welcome to submit a story for inclusion. I will be. And do please pass this on to anyone else who may be interested.
[Edit: My story, 'Cake' has been selected for publication :o). Do please buy a copy if you can; 100% of profits going to the Flood Appeal].

My second link is more of a frippery, but has been making me smile all day. It is, quite literally, the song of the solar system. I recommend (when you've made it go as fast as it will so you can hear Pluto), slowing it right down and leaving it on as you work. It's like a cosmic wind chime :o). If only you could all have the pleasure of my daughter singing along.


  1. Thank you Gigi. My daughter's Great Auntie Philippa (GAP) is known as Gappy, for much the same reasons :o).

  2. Lunar, this especially:
    January trees
    Dance the wind
    To exhaustion

    but really, all of it, depth and humor and a very real view of the day.

  3. Thank you wrensong. 'Real' is a big compliment and I am enjoying its weight.

  4. Thank you Lunar...I wrote a small stone yesterday because of you! Just a tiny moment in my boring day of commuting and work in the city, but an unexpected moment that made me smile for a long time. It needs a little polishing though!

  5. Brilliant! I'm so happy that my blog is doing one of its jobs. And I'd love to hear the small stone, if it is happy to come out in public. Thanks for letting me know. x


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