Friday, 29 October 2010

Fight For Your Right To Be Arty!

I've had some feedback on this beginning blog (Thank you, lovely people.) and I've been shocked by how many people have creativity they're not expressing. How did we end up in a culture so imaginatively pallid that we must fight for our right to be arty?
The happy news is that some of you have been re-inspired in your own doings by me setting out on this journey. That's brilliant and just the encouragement I need to keep on keeping on. I'm hoping to connect with more like-souled minds as I go on and that we can continue to inspire one another. And to conspire; to breathe together, Ahhhhhhhh.......... That's better. Now I'm not doing this on my own.

Blessed are the geeks

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Earth.
Or at least, they shall know how to work it once it's totally computerised.

Friday, 22 October 2010


So... today I restart this blog. I've given it a fresh coat of paint and reframed its reason for being. Maybe my reason for being.
I'd like to show you, honestly; courageously, my journey from being a woman who likes to write and paint in her (diminishing) spare time to being a creatrix who manifests all she needs through her arts.
I am at the end of maternity leave and desperately wish to avoid returning to employment which drains me and insists I present a sham self for the busy world's convenience.
I know a thousand, more, people would say, Me too!
I know so many have tried and crawled back to their old jobs, surrendering pride before they surrender their children's needs.
I know.
But I have to try.
I am frightened and I am determined.
My friends, watch this space...
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