Friday, 22 October 2010


So... today I restart this blog. I've given it a fresh coat of paint and reframed its reason for being. Maybe my reason for being.
I'd like to show you, honestly; courageously, my journey from being a woman who likes to write and paint in her (diminishing) spare time to being a creatrix who manifests all she needs through her arts.
I am at the end of maternity leave and desperately wish to avoid returning to employment which drains me and insists I present a sham self for the busy world's convenience.
I know a thousand, more, people would say, Me too!
I know so many have tried and crawled back to their old jobs, surrendering pride before they surrender their children's needs.
I know.
But I have to try.
I am frightened and I am determined.
My friends, watch this space...

1 comment:

  1. Paul WarrenOctober 24, 2010

    Good on yer girl. Just about to make a leap myself. Many Blessings. P.


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