Thursday, 13 January 2011

Poetic Morsels and Whimsy

Two more of these fun little poetry morsels we call small stones:

January mist
Softens the edges;
Unhurries time

January mist
Plays peep-oh
With mountains

And a longer piece of whimsy which comes courtesy of an exercise from my Life Writing class with Chris Waters :


 I come from the woods,
A creature of dark earth and lofty hidey holes.

I come from the fields,
A woman of hard work and generous bounty.

I come from the moors,
An artist of agorophobic freedom and vast ideas.

I come from the oceans,
A being of sinuous comunity and heartful predation.

I come from the mountains,
A spirit of wild wisdom and true healing.

I come to this pass,
A devoted pilgrim seeking the future. 

Hopefully I've just organised my next exhibition, so soon I'll have more paintings for you. 


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. These sing, they really do!

  2. Quality! 'I' fits you brilliantly!

    Love you,
    T x

  3. Thank you both. I am grinning. May you have songs in your heart all day. x


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