Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Clutch of Small Stones

Today, happiness is
A Playmobil pirate
And no socks.

He is
Rain to my parched soil,
Good earth to harbour my seeds,
Thirsty plants to honour my rain.

Even after she landed,
She smiled,
Enjoying the fall.

Out with baggy men's jeans
In with skinny women's jeans
Is everyone looking at my bum?

'Come look at this'
Whispers my husband.
Our daughter,
For the first time,
Has surrendered to dreams
In her father's arms. 


  1. I love your poems, they are so perfectly, clearly evocative. I know all about the jean switch! I've changed to leggings with short(ish) skirts or skinny legged jeans. I feel so much lighter! My whole way of moving has changed. I imagine I am much more graceful now that I'm not lugging around all that extra denim :)

    Your children sound super sweet, playing with pirates and napping on Daddy.
    Lots of Love,

  2. Thank you Claire. Delighted to have achieved clarity :o).
    And I love you too, my Ent xxx


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