Tuesday, 11 January 2011

8 Small Stones

If you don't know what a 'small stone' is, or you want to join in writing them, click the widget on the right, or here.

The greytone world,
Is all colour.

Every raindrop,
A kiss.

January wind
Sheep blown into corners
Like bleating litter

Wind-sculpted trees:
Perpetual motion

At the summit
I shout my prayer;
Startle ramblers.

My neighbour
Is learning
To sing.
My family
Are learning
To laugh.

Emergent butterfly
Take refuge
In my palm

A rain-laden leaf
Nods a waterfall;
Rises polished and proud


  1. These are beautiful Lunar. I am in the middle of reading 'The Spell of the Sensuous' by David Abram, and these speak so eloquently of what he is trying to say about language and our connections to the wider world around us.

  2. Thank you. Yes, I think language, for me, is very much about connecting my inner truth to the wider world. A scary, but quite necessary business :o).

  3. Lunar, this project sounds wonderful and inspiring. I am enjoying your small stones, loving your choice of language and moments observed. Laughed out loud, then quietly, at the singing neighbour. Once again, a Joy to peek over the shoulder of your creative journey. xxx

  4. Lunar you prompted me to join A river of Stones a week or so ago and I have been having so much fun making time for paying attention! Thank you. I love the Imagine, every raindrop, a kiss.XXO

  5. Oh, and I just noticed that I didn't see that you have the word aros (a river of stones) in your label. If I'm not mistaken, this needs to be included otherwise your poems won't show up on the river of stones blog roll.
    Your small stones need to be seen.:)

  6. Sister Sam, a joy to have you behind me :o).

    Ramona, thank you. I shall add aros forthwith. x


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