Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Wait

Much has happened and some of it has been this:

I have occasionally remembered to photograph a name sign before I send it off. This one has gone to Canada to celebrate a wonderful new baby:

I had a birthday. I don't like having  a party for me, but my good friend was having a birthday gathering in their woods, so I came along on the assurance that no-one would sing that song! Fine folk sat about a fire chatting and eating.

Children did children things

and a good time was had by all. Here I am, a year older:

Pickle and I have been spending happy hours in our jungle garden. We can get all the way through the woods now! Well, we could, but now the nettles have grown up so only I can again - but that's the deal with jungles.

Pickle has been angling for inclusion in an eighties public service advert for road safety:

doing yoga with her Gappy:

and always finding secret places to be. Here she is at Westonbirt Arboretum - a place of tree magic and very much beauty in any season:

We were with her cousins and my siblings and their families and our parents - a rare gathering of the tribe.

Yesterday was Pickle's first ever Sports Day. We both enjoyed it and I was unexpectedly moved by the sight of her valiantly hopping along in a sack. Here she is, slowing right down during the sprint to smile and wave at me:

Sometimes the magic of moments happens invisibly, in the heart, and sometimes there is actual magic just hiding down a badger holt if you have eyes to see. Luckily for us, our neighbour has those feyfox eyes and spotted real Goblin's Gold. It is luminescent moss and it's fancy name is Schistostega and it lives in dark places where the sunlight mosses cannot thrive and overwhelm it. It's not easy to capture the amazing vividness of its glow in a photograph, but this is my best attempt:

And that's not even the most magical thing! I am on my third and final round of IVF. This round has been even tougher than the others and for most of it I was in quite a gloom, just going through the motions of injections and pills and scans and waiting. My self-esteem has reached record lows and physically it has been tough too. I now have OHSS and, without breasts, that makes me this shape:

However, the epic two-week wait is nearly over and I can do a pregnancy test in a couple of days. Then, hopefully, I will have a happier reason to look like Mr Greedy.


  1. My fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes, hair, everything is crossed for good luck for you, I so hope the result of that test is positive. Praying that it be so.
    Very much love to you and Pickle. xxxx

  2. Very best of wishes for you.--hart

  3. Jenny DooleyJune 19, 2015

    Wonderful you. Feel it all. Love, love, love. xxx

  4. A lovely post full of the best things. Everything crossed of

  5. Still keeping everything crossed for you here, Lunar. I hope the power of everyone rooting for you works it's magic this time around x

  6. Belated blessings for your birthday. I hope so much this round of treatment goes well and makes beautiful dreams come true. Your strength and courage are an inspiration.

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes to you, and I will be hoping you get a positive result in the next few days, I'll be thinking of you and sending out positive vibes Lunar, best of luck x

  8. Praying for your perfect outcome. :) x

  9. Thank you all. See 'The Result' next.


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