Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The People Have Spoken

A while ago I had the bright idea of selling all my postcards in bundles of five, instead of posting then out one at a time for little profit. I thought it was a great idea and actually many people were already buying several at once, enjoying combining their favourite designs, so what could go wrong?.

Well I'm still not sure what went wrong, but wrong it did go. Sales dwindled immediately and, despite me trying to make it clearer and easier, they stayed at a pitiful trickle. The people have spoken and the people must get what they want, so yesterday I spent hours changing all my postcard listings back to how they were a few months ago. See how good I am to you?

Now, and forevermore, if you want to buy just one postcard, please do. Having seen that the alternative is selling almost none to almost nobody, I will be delighted to package up your one favourite postcard and send it to your home. All profit is good profit!

Here are just a few of my favourite designs (there are 57 to choose from!):

Those Who Sing, Pray Twice:

Tendril Tree:

Oak, Reflected:

I Wish:

Tulip Field:

Cosmic Bard (my favourite self-portrait by Thomas):

Don't Give Up (the one I've needed most recently):


  1. Well done changing the listings, that's some task. :) I've not had much luck with postcard selling so I gave up in the end and now use them to send a thankyou with other artwork, Etsy can be so fickle! Good luck with your selling, they're beautiful.
    Jess x

  2. Changing listings costs is hard work

  3. I see I am not alone in the ordeal that is changing listings. Hopefully it will be worth it - sales have already increased. Postcards do sell for me, when I keep it simple, but I think I am slowly transitioning to greetings cards. Watch this space...

  4. Who does your printing Lunar? I am wondering about trying out some sort of prints for sale but have not really had the courage to do so. I would really like a good eco printshop but our local one closed down.

    1. Charlotte, I am using a combination of Vistaprint and Photobox, depending on the medium. I aspire to creating sufficient profit margins to give my business to an eco printshop too. The amazing Rima Staines of The Hermitage ( uses a workers' co-op which I am sure she would be happy to recommend. Good luck.

    2. Thanks Lunar, I am still wondering if I have the time or courage to do this. Teaching eats time but I would love to make more from my art. Am main bread winner, with two rapidly growing weeds and one big one, so it is a massive thing to throw my hat out there . I admire you and Rima immensely


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