Saturday, 2 July 2011

Stones, Earth, Water and A Message From My Daughter

I've been busy. This is Earth, the next piece for my current collection. Stylistically, it is a close sibling of Yes!, but also it is the start of an elements set. Didn't plan to create a set for this exhibition, but that's what's happening.

Brush pen on canvas
5" x 7"

Here's a sidelong glance at its edges (well, one of them) and some background stuff which I liked too much to crop away.

This is the second in the set, Water. I've got the colours as close to real life as I could but you can see the complex flow of it. My eyes were rebelling by the end. By my next post I will hopefully have finished Air and you'll see why my mind has been addled by looking at it for too long.

Brush pen on canvas
5" x 7"

A River of Stones has launched its second challenge to fully notice, then write, one small moment/stone every day for a month. Here are my first two stones:

From my window
All is bees on roses,
A buzzard in blue,
And green and green and green.
If this isn't heaven,
I don't want to go.

This Morning's Adventure

Tottering in first shoes, I see
A blackbird puffed with death,
A wiggly worm on the road.
We wave our shadow hands.
My legs buckle,
I swing by one arm.
I am carried home,
Telling it all in my own tongue.

And finally, a message from my daughter:



  1. Very much like all of this post. You are brilliant! Its very exciting seeing the new artist in you grow, like the germination of an old seed - at first restricted in a shell case, then swelling till the tiny roots tentatively spread out, hydraulic thirst, then the upward spiraling bud, first leaves, first true leaves then up and out and on and more

    Not saying at all you are new to creativity, but this seems very much like a re-germination, a seed falling from the old plant to set foot the jungle

  2. Thanks Ent. I'm excited at watching me grow, too. The creativity isn't new, but considering it important enough to devote proper time and energy to is a revolution in my life. Your example and your talent are inspiring. I think you are brilliant too. X!


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