Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cows and Laundry

made skittish by dogs,
bar my path.
made skittish by cows,
turn back.

I discover the laundry basket
has a bottom.
'Well done',
tweets my sister.
'We have seven baskets.'
I gasp
in horror and awe
as I contemplate
Being a mummy
four times over.


  1. Hi Lunar,
    Your poems are so beautiful. I'm inspired by your talent and prowess :) That last bit about seven laundry baskets- wow! If so many of my and my kids clothes weren't in a perpetual pile they would certainly fill 3-4 baskets. Golly.

    I love the new site, it's great. Your art has such wonderful movement and I love the colors, it makes a great background.

    I hope you're feeling great and invigorated by summer.

  2. Skittish is such a splendid word, isn't it?

  3. oops I just started to write & then disappeared it , I'm not sure how.. I wanted to say hallo Lunar , & thanks for your comments on my paintings! At last I have found my way across to your blog.
    great to read your poems & enjoy your sense of colour & pattern - isnt it great going round the edges of the deeper canvases ?!
    Like the way you have set yours up - I havent worked out how to do much with mine apart from just get the photos up..
    I shall enjoy following yours now
    all the best

  4. Oh Lunar,
    So beautiful. This and back a bit, "marriage is in the recovery". Love.

    I've finally had some time to read tonight, and I found myself going back, just one more, just one more and adoring you and your lovely family. Your post about the solstice, and how your daughter would think that everyone gets to do this, sit around fires, listening to music, looking out unto the hills...that really struck a note with me. I always thought I'd be like that, my kids would know that, and well, they don't.
    Thank you for sharing this, and letting me live vicariously, so that I can see what I'd like to do more, do better, and to just be. A gift.

  5. Thanks for such lovely comments everybody. Quite moving.
    Clare, I'm delighted I've arrived at the day when someone used the word 'prowess' in connection with me. Splendid. And, yes, it's the magical movement which makes these paintings work so well. In fact, it seems so magical I don't feel responsible!
    Tess, words are like sweets for me, and 'skittish' was so delicious I ate two!
    Janey, lovely to see you here and to add another friend to my elite troupe of followers :o). I had a lot of help with this set up, from Rima of - always worth a look for inspiration. I'm guessing you'll like it a lot.
    Lyra. Wow. Your words are a gift for me, too. But remember that my daughter will run off to the big smoke and yours will become farmers. Then who'll be laughing? God, most likely. All of them :o).


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