Friday, 8 July 2011

The 21st Century and A Band of Sun

My mornings include
breastfeeding and strength training.
My husband's evenings include
cooking and knitting.
The 21st century
is a good place to be.

A band of sun
trails gold satin across the land.
I lean in
to its Midas kiss.

When he's not cooking or knitting, Ent can be found in our woods, making wonders such as these pixie doors.

Stern Green Man Pixie Door
4.75 " x 2"

And I'm so pleased to have got my blog all dressed up fancy. It may never have happened without much technical help from Rima of The Hermitage fame.  If you haven't yet discovered her blog, do follow the link - you're in for an inspirational treat.


  1. I love these two new small stones, you have such a magical way with words Lunar. I am not very good at capturing so much in such a few beautifully chosen words (as you've probably noticed...the 'Talesingr' is the perfect example...there will be MUCH more waffle to come!). You manage to capture the essence of a moment in words that can fit into your pocket and be carried wherever you go like a talisman!

    Love the pixie door!

  2. Christina, that made me chuckle. If only you knew how I have longed for such 'waffle' as you write when gazing desperately at my 'novel'. But thank you for your kind words, and I have passed on your pixie door appreciation to Thomas :o). Looking forward to the next Talesingr installment.


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