Monday, 7 February 2011

Three Reasons to be Delighted

I know delight is a slightly old-fashioned concept. We're supposed to be too savvy and emotionally stable for the kind of childish, skipping glee which delight brings. Well, I'm suggesting we all take a little hiatus from mood austerity. Don't panic, you can always get back to it by reading a newspaper.

So, the first reason to skip and clap is your opportunity to spread some smiles. during Happiness Week. I've mentioned Action For Happiness before (and I will again)and you may know that I have committed to devote a week of blogging to the cause, starting from the launch date of April 11th, with a little help from my friends. Here, I'd like to clarify what you can do to be part of this:

I'm collecting stories (true and fictional), images (photographic and fine art) and poems (including small stones) which will bring smiles, warm hearts, ease minds, to post over the course of my Happiness Week on this blog. Obviously these would be credited to you, so they can also function as a promotion of your skills. They do not need to be twee or saccharine. Sometimes a story of a hard time survived is incredibly uplifting, and images of conflict vanquished can inspire us when we most need it. My only criteria are that it is in some way uplifting and I am personally happy to post it as part of my blog. Please contribute whatever you wish, to:

We feed the birds,
then reap our reward as 
our daughter laughs at them

The second reason to spin and giggle is the imminent publication  (8th March 2011) of 100 Stories for Queensland. This is an innovative charity project which will give 100% of its profits to the Queensland Flood Appeal. And the really terrific thing about it is that it includes one of my stories, 'Cake'. And what's not to like about supporting an important charity and reading about, (amongst 99 other things) cake? Do buy a copy if you can.

 Rainbow Cake
Made by our friend Tash

And the third reason to run kicking your own bottom (I tried it recently for the first time in years and it's still the most fun way to travel) is the most compelling: If you're honest with yourself, you're a good person. You get satisfaction from lending a hand occasionally. Seeing others be open-hearted and brave moves you. I know you're far from perfect, and there's been a time or two when you really, really messed up, but how else would you know what you know now? Basically, spreading a little love makes you feel good. And the beauty of this is, it's true for everyone. You know you want the best for the people you meet. Now the trick is to trust that they want the same for you.  So, when you're next skipping, spinning, or running down the street, give out some smiles and watch for them coming back round to you.

Spring is coming!


  1. "Delight" is a word I think I possibly overuse... but it's an excellent thing to have eh?
    Am very much enjoying your blogging Lunar dear.. and what a beautiful yellow sight that is!
    Wishing you all 3 spring in your steps and hearts and delight in basketfuls :) xxx

  2. Ah, Rima, you are yourself a delight to me. Thank you for your kind words. And I heartily recommend your blog as another source of delight?

  3. Love it! Thank you! I also love the word delight & use it often. I love the expression "to delight in" & I don't care if I'm old fashioned either! xxx

  4. Thank you Tabitha. It's interesting how close 'delight' is to 'enlighten' and how differently we use those words.

  5. I find so many things to be a joy to me. now I can be delighted by them too!!!

  6. Delight. A source of great pleasure to be sure are both found here on your blog and Miss Rima's.
    The cake photo is wonderfully delightful!

  7. The cake does send you mad, more delirious than simple delight. And your mouth waters rainbow... You can feel the food-coloring etching into your pallet.

    Will send you some happy stuff on the email Lunar.

  8. If Delight is an old fashioned concept, then it's high time it came back into fashion! There's far too much savviness and world-weariness around now, and rather a lot of sadness too in my corner of the world...I think there are a lot of people down-under who could do with a big dose of delight right now. I hope 100 Stories for Queensland goes a little way to helping...Congratulations on your story inclusion, I'm popping over to check it out now!

  9. Thanks everyone.
    I've spent some time thinking about how it is to be delighted (or otherwise happy) when there are always people somewhere having a horrific time. In short, I've come to the conclusion that one of the things I can do is to raise the levels of happiness where I can - starting with my own. That thing of needing to fill one's cup before one has anything to offer. It's not a simple issue, but that's where I'm at with it for now.
    What are your thoughts?

  10. This post is simply delight-full. Thank you Lunar. Will invite my creativity cafe to contribute.

  11. Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? It's very good.

    I will see what I can come up with too.

  12. Thank you Sam and Cyfaill.
    A creativity cafe - what a splendid idea:o).
    And The Happiness Project is a book I've been wanting to read for a while. It will happen. Thanks for the prompt.
    Looking forward to your contributions. It's so exciting stashing them away - like wrapping presents :o).

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