Thursday, 17 February 2011

Twice in One Day :o).

Just a quickie, folks. I took Valentine's Day off to hang out with my favourite loves (including tulips and chocolate) and am feeling the consequences.

Today is another fun day. While trawling through my emails I found two acceptances from publishers! Well, one is actually Wordquest, an organisation promoting literature from and/or about Devon. As part of this they're printing lots of free bookmarks and for one month they will carry a poem of mine. This seems a lovely project to have toe in and I'm delighted they chose me.

Another poem of mine - one of my small stones - will be published in 'pay attention: a river of stones'. So a big hooray for all that. And just when I was wondering whether I might be wasting time I could spend earning for my family.

And a stone for today:

If inspiration never came,
Perhaps I could
Arrange some words
Into the shape
Of a poem
And no-one
Would notice.


  1. A good heavy stone. I feel its weight!

    And well done one your publishings, and easy on the tulips.

  2. Yay, congrats Lunar! I know how you feel, you wonder whether it's worth it sometimes, whether maybe you should go and get a 'real' that actually puts food on the table regularly. I'm struggling a bit at the moment because I've got a part-time job that helps pay the bills, and it's not hard...but it doesn't feed the soul. It's good to be reminded that doing what makes our souls sing is important. Speaking of such things, I recently bought some little books for my girls by an American writer/poet called Byrd Baylor. Beautiful, simple stories about appreciating all that's around us, all the wonders that nature can provide, the riches that money CAN'T buy. I know your little one is a bit small for them now, but worth a look for when she's bigger. Got them through (free postage worldwide, woo hoo!) But then, you could write your own beautiful books!

  3. Congratulations, Lunar! It must be a total rush to be published, to imagine your words swirling around to many minds. Good job keeping up with your small stones, too. Even writing about wanting to write is better than not writing at all.

  4. Ent, what I love about tulips is that they are so easy - the harlots of the flower world :o).
    Christine, thank you. When I'm doing 'just for the money' work I try to focus on the real benefits that money will bring - like putting good food in my family, and also the work relationships I value. But nothing beats soul work. Will take a look at Byrd Baylor's books. Thanks for the tip-off, they sound lovely and Ickle Pickle's birthday's coming up.
    Claire, thanks. It's a rush and a surprise every time. I'd definitely recommend the small stones as a practise.


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