Saturday, 12 February 2011

What I REALLY want to be doing


Recently, the universe has been sending me the message to look at what I really want to be doing. This has been through various blogs, emails, books, conversations, so, okay, message received. Here is my answer.

Immediately it felt that this was about my art work. I've got multiple writing deadlines and I'm enjoying the challenge of meeting them. I'm keeping up with my homework for the class I'm taking in life writing. Family's all good (teething aside) and even a rocky friendship has lately been strengthened against slippage. So, my art.

But don't I love painting? I'm on the verge of sorting out my studio (will show you the transformative makeover in a future post) and I've got an exhibition to work towards in September - a happy time away.

In my (pre-makeover) studio, 
with a pinny (because I'm messy) 
over my coat (because I have no heating)

But when I stopped and visualised myself making art which no-one else was ever going to see, I wasn't painting! I was on the floor (often a very creative place in our house) doodling patterns with felt tips. 

Felt tips! They're for kids!

Well, I've never pretended to be a grown up. And, of course, now I've given it a go, it's the most fun I've had (art-wise) in a while and I'm liking the results so much I might even exhibit them. Had a brief wobble about writing 'Felt tip on Canvas' in the description, but decided to have faith in my medium.

Here's the very beginnings. Let me know what you think. And would you be put off buying a piece of art which was done with felt tips? Might it in some way add to the fun of it?

 First Pattern; Early Stages

If you need inspiration to contribute to my Happiness Week, here are five three-minute films about people taking the Action for Happiness Challenge.

And to keep the love spreading beyond that week, why not join the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation?

But if you're the one in need of a smile, check out this rejection letter sent to Gertrude Stein. 

Bright sunlight
Fine rain
I can't see the rainbow
But I feel it


  1. I'm loving the feltips Lunar, keep it up!

  2. Yep - It's beautiful and although I might have a slight art-snob moment of hesitation at the though of the felt tips I don't think it would stop me if I loved it.

  3. I think it's great Luna. :) Only thing I would be careful of is the light fastness of ordinary felt tips in case you do decide to sell any in this media. You might have to consider investing in the artists equivalent pens so the works doesn't fade on the customers wall.

  4. Thank you both. Julie, that's a great tip. I shall research immediately.

  5. Faber-Castell light-fast brush pens are winging their way to me as I type. Shall keep this happy little prototype on my own wall and appreciate its maturation :o). And now I can say 'art pens' instead of felt tips, thus sidestepping our art-snobbery. Brill.

  6. It's beautiful, and NO, the resultant image is all important to me - the media with which it is done matters not in the least. Julie's point is a good one though. When I first started making prints, I made several of the same image, using different 'art' papers. I pinned them all on the wall in front of the window in my studio, and there they hang still. Some have faded, some have had the colours alter substantially. I made the decision to buy guaranteed, archival quality paper and top quality pigment inks from then on for every print that I sell.It is probably worth testing your pens, old and new, for light fastness and damp resistance (hold them near a steamy kettle)before selling work made with them.
    But go for it - felt tips are gorgeous!

  7. Ah how the Universe collides us again Lunar. My renewed efforts to keep my hands busy and away from rolling nasty ciggies, has found me colouring with pencils. Digging out an old box of Inktense pencils by Derwent and colouring in mandalas. These can then be blended and merged like watercolours. unlike watercolours, the intensity of the colour is vibrant; captures movement and also dries permanent and colourfast. Oh, the delight I am enJoying! I agree about the lightfastness of your beautiful new creations. I look forward to peeking over your shoulder as these emerge. xxx

  8. So glad you are doing what you are meant to do Lunar. It shows in your sweet face.

  9. Sam, do please keep it up. Your lungs are beautiful and strong and deserve the very best. I KNOW how hard it is, but we both also know you can do it. If it helps, I feel so much lighter and fitter than when I was smoking - a bigger change than I had expected. Would love to see one of your mandalas. You've reminded me of a brief (and bizarre) phase of colouring paper doilies - very therapeutic.
    Ramona, thank you. You've given me an e-blush :o).

  10. I like the results so far! lovely use of colour :) again like everyone else my only concern would be the archival quality of the work, but it sounds like you are adressing that anyway :)

  11. Thanks Graham. I think it's colour which brings me to art. I really get off on the texture of oils and shape fascinates me, but colour is where it's really at for me. It pervades everything in my life. I'll keep this prototype, but maybe make prints of it for sale. I'll see...


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