Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day of the Dreads

Thomas died three years ago today.

Gappy, Pickle and I and a couple of friends went up our hill to the Dada Lump. It's not as obvious as it once was, but still makes a good seat.

We lit a little fire (Thomas always made a fire) to burn some special things.

We ate (another of his favourite passtimes); even Pickle who is still too poorly to eat much.

 Treasures were hung in hedges and buried in the earth, but my favourite thing was this:

I hung all my splendid dreads, wool and all, in the branches of the hawthorn tree which grows above Thomas's head. He always wanted dreads, so now he has mine.

I don't know how long they'll last; I expect birds will make good use of them for nests.

The wind may take one or two, possibly for miles.

Or they may just dangle about, confusing the fat and happy sheep.

The hundred trees, planted by Thomas's wider community and lovingly tended by his father when he visits Pickle and I, are flourishing. It is a good place, this land which holds the Dada Lump. I am very grateful.

Pickle was tired and cold, so we blew kisses to Primrose and Fey, who also lie up here; put out the fire in the traditional manner (a very quick way to warm one's cockles) and headed for the nearest pizza.

It has been a tough day, but also it has been just right.


  1. Beautiful, Lunar. A fitting remembrance.

  2. Beautiful and moving. A wonderful tribute.x

  3. What a lovely and very personal way of honouring someone so dear to you, Lunar.

  4. A lovely remembrance, Lunar. Hope Pickle is better soon. Hugs to you both x

  5. I'm so happy to hear that your tough day was also just right. Masses of love to you. xx

  6. Yes, isn't it a relief when something tesselates into the world so perfectly? Initiallly I dreamed tying red dreads to Thomas's tree; only after did I make them red, then cut them off, then actually tie them up there.

  7. Lovely. Remembrance is so important, too many friends and acquaintances, family and loved ones have been having to do it lately. You rather brought a lump to my throat with this. We planted a tree for my cousin Tim, who chose to leave us last year, and I have been watching the bare twigs all winter and thinking of him. My very best to you all; I am off to tie something precious and flyaway to the family Remembering tree. xxxx

  8. Such a beautiful thing to do. Glad you spent the day among friends

  9. I'll be glad of Thomas as a spirit-member of my council of fathers soon to convene up on that good land where his body lies. And the non-dreaded Lunar-head looks great, too, though you'll have no built-in head-cushion for acupuncture now!


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