Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Happy Birthday Pickle

Pickle is four! This year she definitely wanted a proper party, which she hasn't had before. I hired the local hall and she carefully made invitations.

When the big day came, we were both slightly overexcited. I sang happy birthday at the exact minute she became four and she was very proud. Then the present-opening began.

Having failed to make a tape dispenser whistle,

Pickle had more success with her new 'binocliers'.

And then the party. In a frenzy of performance anxiety, I'd planned lots of games, but actually the children spent more time playing with balloons than anything else.

We played musical chairs (with joint winners who squeezed into the final chair together) and pass-the-parcel and then feasted. All food groups were represented: sugar, salt, jelly and fairy bread.

When they were quite stuffed, I brought out the cake. I can take no credit for this fantastic creation - it is the work of our good friend Davepops and his gang of helpers. If you're planning to be an astronaut, this is the kind of cake you want:

We sang and blew out the candles

...and then it was back to the balloons. There was a great turnout of dads, some of whom wisely lurked close to the food, some discussed dogma and humility in the context of science and religion (or something like that)...

while others took a serious beating.

Eventually we got everything cleared up, party bags distributed and friends sent smiling home. We locked the big old door with the very impressive key

and went home for more presents and a cup of tea.

I am so glad Pickle had a great birthday. Of course that's what she deserves - what all children deserve - but also I have today decided to have reconstructive surgery after my double mastectomy and that will entail some serious recovery time during which I won't be able to be with her like I normally am. A few days in hospital (still trying to cope with that idea); a couple of weeks of lifting nothing heavier than a kettle and mostly needing to rest; then many more weeks, until three months in, before I can start to live my normal life and lift my plumptious wondergirl into my arms again. Basically, a lot of sacrifice for Pickle and a lot of help needed from my family and community who I have already leaned heavily on over the last couple of years. But then hopefully I will have a body I'm happy with and can focus on creating Pickle and I a joyful future.


  1. A lovely party for all ages! A very happy day for you both
    xx gz

  2. Happy Birthday Pickle!! Looks like a lot of fun, love seeing the various Dad scenes, and, of course, the lovely little ones' choices in fashion. Always so much fun, wee one fashion!! Good luck to you with surgery and hospital stay and recovery. Such a thing... blessings, blessings to you.

  3. What a great party! Happy birthday, Pickle! Lovely seeing all photos.
    Do let me know if I can help you, Lunar, anytime. Blessings, Mxxx

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Pickle! You are a very grown up girl now and an Aunty from far away in the Caribbean sends you warm tropical wishes full of love, sunshine and palm trees. :) And to you Brave Mama, Happy First Kid Day to you. You continue to inspire me. Sending you warm tropical wishes too, full of healing energy and courage. Love, Luna.

  5. Happy Big Four, Pickle! Sending you lots of love and hugs, Lunar, you will come through, and I know Pickle will understand that, for a little while, Mummy won't be able to pick her up and squeeze her...but just imagine the wonderful hugs once it's all over!

  6. Thank you x. Luna, those are just the wishes I need and Christina, you are right... I just wish I could get through this without it affecting Pickle, but I have to place my faith in myself and my friends working it so she can learn good things (I'm hoping to squeeze in talks about everyone - even Mamas - looking after themselves) without it being too painful for her.
    In truth, my money's on Pickle having a lovely time with her Gappy, missing me but not too badly, and me pining like a lost puppy.


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