Friday, 28 March 2014

A Fayre, A Pirate, A Decision

The Spring quickening hustles me along in its skirts. I am preparing for our next Artisan Fayre in something of a flurry, but looking forward to it particularly as it will also be my birthday. Special days can sometimes be especially dismal because it's hard to turn away from the thought of, How would this be if Thomas was here? So, a day of distraction among a great array of art and craftwork and marvellous people will be ideal. Do come and see us if you're near enough. There's cake and tea, of course.

Meanwhile, my postcards are selling at the new Silver and Moor studio.

and I have a new online shop for my originals:

Pickle enjoyed dressing up for World Book Week:

and the sun, at last, has done some shining:

As soon as the light reached my brain and my skin felt its first direct star-heat of the year, all became clear to me. An extra six months of risk and worry? Nope. Not worth it. So, no reconstruction for me. I shall join the 'flat and fabulous' sorority and that feels... fine, actually. A relief. They'll fit me up with prosthetics so I can choose when to be flat and when to fake some foobs, but I can't see myself wearing them. We'll see. Now we are back to snow and hail, but my clarity remains and I have my last appointment before surgery on April Fools' Day. Ha ha, chortles the Universe. Ha-dee-ha-dee-ha.


  1. Ah clarity, what a fine and elusive friend. I'm glad you've found him. You will always be fabulous sweetie - flat or foobed. xx

  2. You know when you know and not a moment before. That sounds rather Dr. Suess-like to me in this moment. Well. Such a relief to find clarity. Blessings.

  3. I have a dear friend, far away across the oceans... she is also flat & foobless, it is a wonderful sorority! I hope the sun continues to shine on you & that this year is a better one c

  4. Thank you and thank you and thank you. I am very in favour of my own fabulosity, sunshine, Dr Seuss and a general improvement in the random happenings of my life. Bring it on!

  5. We can make the Fayre on Good Friday!! Hope you are feeling the love from Holbeton. Lovely Lunar, I am glad you have found some clear light, clarity comes to those that wait and just allow themselves, at times to just be. Or perhaps Clarity popped out of the dressing up box??, as I can see from the fabulous Pickle Pirate you have some great costumes!! Xx

    1. Great. Will look forward to seeing you on the 18th Tracy. Maybe clarity came from all that Neal's Yard frankincense? Love to all the gang xx

  6. Hi Lunar, I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy healing. That photo of you and Pickle is so beautiful.
    Jess xx


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