Sunday, 4 February 2018

Working for Love

The third essay's been handed in and the house isn't a total hazard to the senses, so I've snuck in a bit of actual earns-me-money work! Specifically, four new cards:

'Moon and Roses' (bring your own Becherovka); forever shining in full bloom:

('The Rising Moon' card to the right is taken from Danielle Barlow's wise and wonderful 

Finally an 'I'm Loving You' Valentine's card. Apologies to those who have been asking for this for ages:

and a couple of Thomas's prints which have also been requested as cards:

the ever-popular Bagpiping Angel:

and 'The Last Human', which is my favourite because it is full of such faith in humanity:

See, I don't just muse about Victorian gothic texts and desperately try to keep up with all the new ways to do maths homework and help small people blow the noses of inanimate creatures. Sometimes everyone else goes to sleep and I do some actual work! I love those times :).


  1. I love that each card has it's own little still life! So happy you're getting time to do not only do childcare and inanimate object care and essays and cards and blog writing and and and and hope you're getting some Lunar care in too. xxx

  2. I had fun creating their still lifes :). And Lunar care comes in the form of too-long frankincense baths, coffee with friends once a week and reading my own choice of book when I go to bed - my very favourite thing to do.

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  5. It's been a good while - missing your blog posts! Hope you and the two wee ones are well. xxxx

  6. I love your beautiful new card design. I've not been blogging for a long time so doing a bit of catch up! Good to see you here again.xx

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