Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An Exhibition and Talk of Marriage

We have reversed roles. Pickle is now well enough to gambol off to nursery and I am increasingly ragged of nostril and lung - not a pretty sight. A friend has brought a jar of mountain sage to brew on the hob for a few days and hopefully enable me to talk again.

But enough of such gloomy talk. Shall we have a happy post for once? Yes, let's.

Here is a whistlestop tour of the fun we've been having of late:

We've spent time with Pickle's special hound-friend, looking at the world through tinted lenses

playing Red Riding Hood


but we all know how that story ends

and that the danger is really from these beautiful ingrates.

We have been finding secret ways,

managing the elements,

 being amazed by autumn abundance

and wondering why the ponies don't want to talk to our horse, even when he talks to them.

Meanwhile, Pickle's beloved Gappy has been very poorly and my mum has has her double mastectomy. Mum's home after only one night in hospital and doing fine - in fact, she's quite typically mostly concerned about myself and Gappy.

And back at the ranch, I am having a little exhibition in The Courtyard throughout November.

Rex of Barleycorn fame arrived just as I was starting to hang my work (in my straightforward hammer-and-nail style), bearing fancy picture hanging wires, which worked fine on the framed pieces, but the originals (on the right wall) were too light, so I did get to do some banging. And the lovely Rima of Hermitage fame came to lend a hand and assure me it was all fine and I could stop and drink my coffee.

The three larger originals are new, so they warrant a solo moment each.

Large Flower Meadow:

Tulip Field:

Meadow Hill:

There's also the perpetual calendars drawn by the late, great Thomas, all my postcards, unframed versions of the framed prints and some new seasonal cards. The Courtyard is a lovely place to be, but if you find yourself far from Devon, you can hop across to my blossoming Etsy shop, where I may or may not be serving cake.

And if all THAT isn't cheering enough, then let me share an especially happy moment with you.

PICKLE: Mama, when can I get married? [This from nothing - we were reading about a dog!]

ME: Well, you can marry when you're sixteen, but you might want to wait longer or not marry at all. You can only marry one person, so you need to choose very carefully.

PICKLE: I know who I'm going to marry when I'm sixteen.

ME: Who's that? [Connor, Noah, Erick, Reuben?]

PICKLE: I'm going to marry you Mama.

Reader, I cried. And I didn't contradict her. This proposal may only be my second favourite because the first had the advantage of chips. And a cuckoo, who still calls in the long hot days.

But those days are gone, so now for another fat mug of mountain sage and honey - this stuff's good :o).


  1. A really beautiful post Luna...a pleasure to read. I'm glad to see that Pickle is better, and looking so bright and smiley. I do love your work, it bursts with colour and joy, and I still say you should try some fabric printing! You could make some fantastic needlepoint designs. Hope the exhibition goes well: it's sure to. Feel better soon.

  2. A very beautiful post that left me wondering several things:
    How on earth did you get Macha to climb into the egg?
    What are the ponies saying?
    And whether in fact your originals are on the right or the left?!
    Congratulations on the proposal!

  3. A very sweet proposal indeed!! Congratulations on your show, it looks wonderful. Love love "Meadow Hill" - a teetery mound of tulips and daffodils, maybe? Hope the sage has helped.. blessings from the forest.

  4. Thank you all.

    Ivy, I have not forgotten about the fabric printing. Planning to start researching that soon.

    Rima, I'm sure I could not get Macha into the egg, but she hopped quite happily in after Pickle. When you're next at our house, you can squeeze the ear of our horse and hear what it says. (Don't try this with living horses.) And my originals are on the right of the picture, but the left if you, er, are them. I shall amend, thank you.

    Valerianna, the sage is very effective, as is your enthusiasm for my work.

  5. A lovely hound!
    Good to see your work exhibited. All the best to you all
    Blessings Be xx

  6. Good to see your girl well and your beautiful paintings. It is a privilege to peep into Dartmoor life.

  7. I cried when I read this too! Little Pickle is at such a wonderful age, I keep having to remind myself of the time my teenage grumpy daughter was like that! ;)
    I loved sharing your walk amongst the trees, what a magical place. I know The Courtyard very well, haven't been there for a while, your artwork looks lovely and bright and cheerful on the walls!
    Jess xx

  8. Congratulations on both your show and lovely proposal!
    I especially love your 'large flower meadow', it has such life and hope and wonder in it. Beautiful.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. As a mother it is so hard not to hold too tight onto this magical age....infused for Pickle by her loving and creative Mum. Our childrens' gift to us is to let us see the world through their incredulous, innocent, humourous eyes. Your paintings reflect that world full of colour, happiness and simple beauty.

  10. Brought tears not just to my eyes but rolling down my cheek. Full of beauty, despite the grotty cold. Your exhibition is a joy and I really love your beautiful flower paintings. You have such a gift - with your work, your words and how you share the world with your beautiful daughter.


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