Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bright blooms on a dark night

The hills are darkling and my thoughts are meandering, so tonight I will introduce you to my new postcards and let them speak for themselves.

If they take your fancy, they're for sale through my Etsy shop (the column on the right) and at Amy's Flowers, Chagford - my favourite ever florist who always seems to have some little offcut whenever Pickle comes in. Tonight Pickle is sleeping under the sedative influence of a beautiful pink gerbera bloom which needed a home :o).


  1. Wonderful! You should make these in to textile designs. I can see them all as needlepoints!xxx

  2. I'm hearing this from so many people. Will look into ways of giving my designs to fabric. Thank you. x

  3. They are blossoming brightly and bringing forth blessings Lunar.The perfect accompaniment to the sounds of a prayer for you,your life and your love.Thank-you


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