Monday, 12 September 2011


'In the Flow' by Lunar and Pickle:

I’m writing and I’m in the flow.

Then, ‘Mama, Mama,’ my girl wants to suckle it out of me.

I stop, suppressing a sigh, and scoop her up.

I give her the good milk.

Another rose is about to bloom outside my window and it is raining again.

Two nights ago my husband was rushed to hospital with big chest pain.

Now he is home and can’t give me another half hour to find the undercurrents.

I am blessed and confused.

I am human and hungry.

I am typing this with one finger while removing scissors and expensive sketching pencils from my girl.

She wants to press the buttons.

I’m going to let her just as soon as I’ve saved… 

yfvfhgllyhyyt,uh6                  es’;kgt

and here we have creativity from the whole family on one piece of paper. I have contributed a flower, a balloon and two poems in embryonic form; Thomas has given us this marvelous duck and tractor and Pickle has taken a more abstract approach:

The second poem came during the night, although I didn't write it until first morning milk:

Pinned awake
by the searchlight moon
reading my soul


  1. Congrats on your placing in the Morley lit comp!

  2. I love the collaboration. But I'm really hoping your husband is okay??

    Sending love and health over the pond...

  3. Thanks Patsy. Shortlists are so good for morale! Who knows, I might win one of the comps you put up one day!

    And Lyra, thank you. Thomas is fine for now, and who knows the future for any of us? Love


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