Friday, 17 June 2011

Spiral and Sky Blue Pink

Two more additions to my fecund family of pennings. I managed to halt long enough to capture Spiral before I added colour, but was too excited by Sky Blue Pink to pause and take photos part way. You can imagine, I'm sure. Have taken a couple so you can see the (rather tricky) extension of the designs over all sides.

Spiral in progress

Artist brush pen on canvas
5" x 7"

Sky Blue Pink
Artist brush pen on canvas
5" x 7"

 Meanwhile, have not been back at the ranch. Spangled about on bog woppets, dragged Ickle Pickle away from fires and sang ridiculous songs at a hostel in a Welsh hanging valley for a few days for Ent's joint 90th with two school friends; then a couple of days deep in middle England admiring my parents' new home and apologising for Ickle Pickle after she pulled that face (pressed lips, red cheeks - ask a parent if you're unsure) whilst sitting, nappy-free, on the scoot-along car they had for her.

So, much laughter, cake and many, many raisins to prevent (not entirely successfully) travel meltdown later, I am home and, as usual, behind my desk and my schedule. The months sneak past, but the exhibition collection grows, so I suppose it will all be alright in the end. At least we got out of that bog with all our footwear and Ickle Pickle wasn't sitting on the cream carpet... yes, things have turned out rather splendidly.


  1. What beautiful work you produce. If you reap half the happiness it produces, you are one joyful woman!

    I love that you call your daughter Pickle. I'm assuming it's a nickname but I realize I could be wrong and it's her real name. Pickle was the name of my first pet. I toyed with it as a pen name as well.

  2. Thank you, MSB. Timely - just having a wade through the valley of despond, wondering if there is any point to my work or my blog... I'll climb out soon, but your comment's a helpful leg-up the other side.
    Yes, Pickle is a nickname (one of many). She has a whole song; (She's icklish; she's picklish; she's very, very ticklish, etc.). I love the titles you give your kids - interesting to see how accurate they are in 10/20 years time.


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