Saturday, 20 November 2010


Here's my second painting, temporarily perching on this pedestal, soaking up the scrutiny.

Oil on Canvas

As you may be able to tell, I really had fun with this one. I got messy. It was my first attempt with a palette knife and I fell in love. 
In person, this painting is almost sculptural, it's so 3D. I wanted to get all the differences between water moving en masse in a surge, fragmenting into droplets as it falls, and roiling as foam when it meets the navel of the next wave. Delicious.
And I'm still sucked into that bit of blue sky at the end every time. I want to go there!

So, this is a less personal painting than Polar Bear, but there's still something of me in it. 
There's something of FreeDancing in the movement and the way water succumbs to all forces whilst carving through mountains and chiseling shimmers into the sea bed. There's something of me in this heave, poise, fall, tumble, heave...
There's something of me here for you, with open arms.

Sometimes the fall is the best bit.


  1. Your paintings have such power!
    I love how the composition takes up the whole canvas. The spiral shape of the wave is hypnotic and pulls me in toward the little slip of blue sky, toward the promise of a calmer existence.
    This is reflective of my life right now.
    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work and your self .xx

  2. Thank you Ramona. I will stir your kind words into the mix and breathe a little deeper. x


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